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 About Morris Farag 

Morris Farag is a hair stylist and designer since 1982 and is a pioneer in introducing computer imaging for hair styles in Israel. After opening his first hair salon in the city of Ramat Gan, he left for Paris where he gained experience in the hair styling and beauty.
In 1984 he returned to Israel and opened a hair salon in Tel Aviv again. Morris Farag took the first newspaper in the country to books called "Hair World" magazine was distributed books in all salons, bookstores and kiosks in the country.
Publishing newspaper contributed greatly to improve the image of schools in the country, suffered from a poor image for many years, Morris has trained dozens of books who are now running their salons worldwide.
Morris added his activities over the years developed a series of products KAJU marketed in Israel and abroad Morris Farag hair styles developed by the unique method has. The products are based on natural ingredients and extracts of cashew nuts. The series includes products for hair care and nurturing.
In recent years Maurice addition to his real estate agency director named HOMESELL specializing in marketing and entrepreneurship assets.

Morris Farag is a pioneer of IT integration in salons

Morris is the first in the country introduced the software with a computer simulation haircut hairdresser.


ahbto creativity and love for people is that drives him to engage in many areas. For the right to improve the appearance of women and men and the personal attention generated with his clients are the main asset for him.

Morris's vision Faraj successfully applied by him and by his team successfully daily Bmsfrto Tel Aviv.
"Our product number is very satisfied customers, which hair makes them feel more beautiful and happy. Hairstyling and shall keep long hair arrangement it is easily done quickly and easily."

Morris says that the choice of haircut is not a trivial matter, matching haircut requires thought and experience, Morris Farag places great emphasis on matching the right hairstyle for you.

Hence the need to incorporate unique option is to see yourself in a computerized simulation with your face haircuts and colors, before you take a decision to make a change.

The computerized simulation allows you to dare to make changes to comfortably and without taking risks.

You can make an appointment with a personal consultation Morris Farag appointment directly through the website or make an appointment by phone.

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