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 Hair products 

KAJU products contain minerals and vitamins which are extracted from the cashew fruit of cashew trees that are native to South America. Integrating these vitamins and minerals into the hair products developed by Morris Farag has provided the added value of high quality to KAJU hair products  

Kaju – MASK GOLD+ keratin

Professional mask, special treatment of natural hair, that affects the first treatment already. Gold mask contains 100% natural ingredients, oils, plus vitamin E also sunscreens. Leave mask on hair causes the heating, the flow of natural proteins, that enable protection and soft hair over time. Mask is recommended for all hair types

Kaju - Leave in Conditioner + Mask

Conditioner mask without washing a unique product, you put the stuff on dry hair, eliminates static, provides flexibility and vitality to the hair, back hair and the keratin, the material is not oily and very pleasant to the touch

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